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1-2-1 and reviews

"The 1-2-1 day was fantastic. Being able to focus on your form on the track then take the pointers to an extended run with hills really helped iron out the little things that had crept into my running. I certainly left feeling much more relaxed" 


Client profiles

If you are not very confident, new to running and feel a 1-2-1 would be better for you initially then this bespoke session is for you. Also if you are competing and performance triathlete, runner or just a focused individual who enjoys a more drilled down and intense session then this would also suit you. Equally many chi runners have also booked review sessions as well as 1-2-1! It is actually a better session if you bring a training partner with you? rates are lower of course but it is also more engaging to run and train with another. Also the video footage has more discussion and comparison for you to analyse at home. 


A typical session begins with...

finding out about your background: this goes for every workshop but for a 1-2-1 I ask for a history of running and your aims for the future. During the session we go through the basics and then , depending on your requirements, we either drill into speed and hill work with some intervals or take your form for an agreed distance. Typical distances range from 5K to 21K. I record you running at various intensities to allow a comparitive footage for you to view at the end of the session and then, later at home. 


thankyou for the 1-2-1. There was a  lot to take in and I will take away the idea of form intervals with me. I can see now why I may be suffering from IT syndrome as well! After the session I repeated the Hill session and focused on the key things from the workshop. Not a twinge! Amazing!!

Neil , feedback from 1-2-1


Still interested? Get in touch

1-2-1's are not for everyone and actually bringing another training buddy helps a lot! However please contact me( link below) if interested. 

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