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"Nick is an outstanding teacher/coach......  very patient and very supportive. I honestly can't rate Nick highly enough. Genuinely the best coaching I've had. I have done the full day one to one and a further tune up. Well worth the money. Thank you Nick."

"Hi Nick
I just want to send you a huge thank you for your breathing advice you gave me last night!
I just ran my best run ever......when I was running I was mindful of the breath and I found myself so much more relaxed. It wasn’t fast but it was the best day ever!!
Thank you! "




About Nick

I am a Senior Chi Running coach(with over 13 years experience) and also hold a post-grad degree in Physical Ed, with my first degree in Theoretical physics and Astrophysics. I have practised yoga for 25 years (recently qualified to teach in 2018). I also work in Adult Education as an associate lecturer with the Open University.

I have integrated much of the Chi Running principles(Dreyer, 2007) with my own yoga knowledge and practice, (attending professional development workshops from Leslie Kaminoff ( and Gary Carter (, A.G Mohan ( ) to create personalised programmes that allow  runners to feel more relaxed, have a greater understanding of how they move and how they can improve their running form without an increase of injury. I have coached over 2000 runners, with a very mixed profile. From National runners to starting out and broken 'lost mojo' runners, all ages from 12-80!

I focus on developing a more mindful and holistic approach to movement (using much yoga training), allowing runners to recognise 'if it is somewhere it is everywhere' and 'don't think it, feel it'. We explore 'changing our relationship with gravity' allowing us to feel more relaxed and encourage a lighter and better feeling with the ground. For the BODY, for the MIND, for the BREATH

The yoga practice complements and integrates into the running coaching, I don't teach a 'little bit of running' and a 'little bit of yoga'. They two disciplines connect and I hope folk get a sense of the power of combining the two practices.

I have helped many people, from beginners to cross country runners to triathletes. Whether you are just beginning a running program or training for a marathon, race, triathlon, or general all-round fitness the soulinmotion running and yoga approach is one that builds a healthy body, instead of breaking it down from misuse or overuse.

 I have coached over 2000 clients, from all backgrounds. These have included 15min 5K female runners, 1h 3min half marathon runners to clients who could barely run/walk. Ages have varied between 12 to 85. I have coached yogi's, cross fit, martial arts, ultra runners, Ironmen and women, clubs, private groups.....jog scotland groups appear a lot as do some sport England.

 My own science, maths and sports background (BSc(Hons) Physics and Astrophysics, PGCE in Sport and Mathematics together with years of coaching means I always approach any idea with a critical and clinical eye.

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 Contact me if:-

  • You would like a 1-2-1, either remotely via zoom, or a visit to the local track at Churchill playing fields Whitley Bay
  • Or a private group/sports club/running club and would like me to work with the group either for the running element, the yoga element or a combined day.
  • organising a retreat and would like an element of running/yoga coaching/teaching for your group





Client profiles

There are no typical client profiles! I have coached national athletes, club runners, new runners, cross fit and triathletes. Martial arts experts and weight lifters. Runners with hip replacements, back problems, Plantar, IT and knee injuries. Ages of runners have been from 12-80. I also coach chi walking for those people who simply want to walk and move better after knee replacements or medical issues that stop folk from running. 


Client Feedback

"I have been leaving my garmin at home  and trying to run to how I feel, only time will tell if I can make improvements when racing using chi running, but for now I don't really care, I am remembering why I started to run in the first place- just because I can and for the sheer joy of it!"

The Client


A typical workshop

I begin with a lot of observation and watching you move. Walking, running and running a little quicker. I need to see how you move before structuring the programme. The more information I have the better the feedback will be. The basic elements are taught in 4 key stages with easy drills and then we put it all together again. All clients receive exemplar movies of clients with voiceover together with their own detailed film edit and voiceover as well. Slo-mo and still frame are also included. I try to give as much as I can in a 1-2-1, workshop or even a free taster. I could go and on about these workshops but the best thing to do is to contact me directly and we can have a detailed discussion about your requirment and expectations. Personalised (empathy and understanding( and individualised(focus on your movement) is my mantra.


"I just wanted to convey Nick's warm approach and attention to detail enabled me to achieve considerably more than expected"

The Client