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SoulinMotion Running retreats SLOVENIA and LENDRICK LODGE 2018


JULY 1ST TO JULY 7TH  2019.  


Total Cost £700 for 6 nights, 7 days including all meals, yoga and running coaching and the use of the whole hostel. You will be staying in the Slovenian National Park, close to Lake Bohinj, next to Ukanc. Transfers and flights are not included but the hostel is easy to get to via the local system.Deposit is £150.  The week is a balance between yoga and running coaching and space for you to unwind. The previous group had a brilliant time and we are going back to allow more folk the opportunity to visit this beautiful part of Europe. Full details and more information can be found here or email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

'“Meeting Nick in October 2017 has transformed my running....... I ran my second half marathon in March, injury free, without a knee brace and 12 minutes faster. I loved it. Words cannot describe the Slovenian retreat. Truly life changing. Running at your own pace in a beautiful country surrounded by wonderful, like minded people. Yoga, meditation and amazing food cooked by our own Slovenian chef. Running light and long. My son asked me when I arrived home if I had grown taller. Of course I hadn’t but it feels like I have. I hope I can return next year and make it an annual event just for me. Thank you Nick and Mark for allowing me to be part of this amazing experience.”

'‘the advantage of a 7 day retreat over shorter workshops was obvious. The loop of learn/drill/practise/get feedback/adjust can be repeated as often as you are willing to do in the time - with the invaluable presence and scrutiny of ‘coach’ Nick. I think i learned a huge amount in this short time, not always quantifiable, but i felt real progress was made and there is much material for long term training. Two tangible examples: my VO2max went up a few notches within days. And the time for my daily 11k route decreased by a full 8 minutes (!) over the week, simply due to learning about gears and practising. The beautiful environment is of course a huge motivator - running in stunning scenery is the best!’

What a great weekend, it was lovely to be surrounded by like minded folk. Nick Constantine and Mark Russell's organisation of the weekend was superb. They were both well aware of the individual needs and were able to offer their expert advice to help people on their chi running journey

feedback from retreat

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"To create the conditions to allow energy to flow"

A running mind and yoga mind are no different. Alignment, relaxation, focus, breath and core strength allow you to move to your edges of purposeful practice. You should be aiming to move in stillness and complete awareness in both disciplines. This is at the heart of the weekend; developing a practice orientated approach to your running with an application of particular yoga asanas’ to develop and discipline your mind and body. You will receive individual attention with your yoga and running; filming of both practices and individual feedback to take away with you. There will be time for group discussions and video review of your form together with time for individual practice and reflection.


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All retreats have the following main themes

  • Leave with a greater understanding of the fundamental yoga asana's that will support and strengthen your running.
  • Have a greater understanding that balance, flow, alignment, breath and control in your running are at the heart of developing a lifelong practice whilst also fulfilling your performance goals.
  • Have a greater awareness of your running form during the weekend/retreat
  • The quote below captures much of what we are trying to achieve and share with you at the end of any retreat. 


'The hall mark of practice is wholeness, wholeheartedness, not being in conflict.......it is not about pushing through the pain or overcoming pain, no pain no gain. If you are having to be brave and courageous in order to stoically withstand excessive intensity you are pushing too hard, you are fighting. Never fight yourself. Intensify when appropriate. Practice skilfully. The optimum degree of intensity is the amount that elicits your fullest attention.’(Schifmann)  if you leave with a greater understanding of that quote then I think we will have achieved something.

A SoulinMotion Yoga and Movement for runners retreat  is NOT a boot camp. It is believed that creating a fluent, focused movement allows you to achieve the maximum in your running.  It is not about running into pain, or beyond a 'productive discomfort' level.

The hostel is situated here http://pac.si/en/bohinj_house_savica/offer  HOSTEL POD VOGLOM SAVICA BY LAKE BOHINJ.

 "Hi I just wanted to say a massive thank you to you. Using the techniques has made a massive difference to my running, not just reduced pain levels but has renewed my enthusiasm............. I will be looking out for further courses and I'm spreading the word. Perhaps all hope of racing again is not lost....."

What a great weekend, it was lovely to be surrounded by likeminded folk. Nick Constantine and Mark Russell's organisation of the weekend was superb. They were both aware of the individual needs and were able to offer their expert advice to help people on their chi running journey’

"I feel I have come such a long way since my first session with you early last year. I was trying out new things to give meaning to my life as my work was reducing. I had joined the running club and was starting to make friends, but without the good teaching I've had from you both I've no doubt that running would be one of those things that I beat myself up on over not getting out there. I know from last experience it's so easy to let it all slide.

 ‘I loved how the yoga complemented the running and how both teachers are focused on helping everyone get the most they can from their practice. They were never dogmatic…’

'I was a battered and frustrated plantar fasciitis sufferer, and unknowingly also a strange backward leaning runner I learned from the video……but things have gotten better.., I felt so much better on the uphills in particular almost instantly.....both my distances and times are improving, in fact I just last week set a new 10k PB of 45:18, which I'm super pleased with as it smashed my previous 46:59 which was (count 'em) 9 years ago, and before having two kids (now 2 and 4 years old) and mangling my hip joints with SPD! I'm up to 10.5miles distance now... going to go for the Great Scottish Run half marathon in Oct... we'll see.'

 With an increasing audience and participants to all of our yoga and movement for runners workshops and retreats, we felt it was time to expand our offer and travel to Europe. This is a  wonderful opportunity to deepen  practice (if you have attended a Yoga and movement day) or be introduced to the idea of  Yoga and movement practice for runners. Mark Russell has been a qualified yoga teacher for many years and has an established practice in Glasgow. He has worked with runners and athletes of all abilities and is triathlete and ironman. His practice has been informed by personally working with the likes of Gary Carter (https://www.naturalbodies.co.uk  , AG Mohan https://www.svastha.net/ ), Leslie Kaminoff (https://principles.yogaanatomy.net/ His knowledge and detail of how yoga can be practised is extensive. Nick Constantine(me) has been involved in Sports coaching and Chi Running as a senior Instructor also for many years(30 years at last count).  He has coached runners of all levels from Olympic level to new runners, of all ages and experience in between (www.soulinmotion.co.uk and  https://www.facebook.com/soulsinmotion/  ). As he states about his own practice, 'I have 2000 runners behind me, students in front of me, my own practice beneath me and teachers above me' Nick has also completed his studies  with Mark to become a yoga teacher for runners, after starting a yoga practice almost 20 years! Nick has a post graduate qualification in Sports coaching and comes from a strong background in holistic coaching principles. He is also an adult educator with the Open University and comes from a background in designing the best learning experiences for adults from a world class learning organisation.







Nick and Mark


Client Feedback

I loved how the yoga complemented the running and how both teachers are focused on helping everyone get the most they can from their practice. They were never dogmatic

feedback from retreat



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