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Yoga and SoulinMotion Running days

"Hi I just wanted to say a massive thank you to you both. Using the techniques has made a massive difference to my running, not just reduced pain levels but has renewed my enthusiasm............. I will be looking out for further courses and I'm spreading the word. Perhaps all hope of racing again is not lost....."

The next date  for 2018, February 25th is now FULLY BOOKED  Next date 22nd April, Glasgow via https://www.entrycentral.com/chirunning-and-yoga-days

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'This' is something that I know will transform my running style and ability..... The yoga was amazing too, best wishes to both of you and thanks for an amazing day

attendee at a chi run and yoga day



Workshop overview

These sessions are intense in terms of information, drills and new feelings. They normally last from 9am to about 4pm. Mark Russell, is a highly qualified and experienced yoga teacher and has developed some excellent foundation yoga type movements for people who run. Mark has an extensive practice in Glasgow and runs yoga sessions specifically for runners.  There is real a sense that Mark has a  deep understanding of runners of all standards and how the body moves and functions when running.  The Chi Running session is equally an intense sequence of drills and running movements but with a focus on linking what the yoga does to support a running practice. The level of intensity is carried into the running to try and get participants to 'feel' different and tune into their body whilst running. 

I just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you for an excellent workshop! I got so much out of it and will definitely be spreading the word about how beneficial it is to attend a workshop. I have already shared details of your next one with our running group and really hope that they book!



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Typical workshop

Yoga practice which focuses on movement of hips, one legged balances, breath and the idea of relaxation and alignment. This is not an intense session but more an exploratory session for runners who may not have considered yoga as a practice to support their running. Equally Mark's experienced eye means that those runners who are also yogi's are guided into work according to their needs. 

The Running with SoulinMotion workshop focuses on the elements of aligment, relaxation and establishing  a strong column. Basic drills allow the participants to feel a more relaxed running gait and at the same time understand how to increase speed with less effort. 

All participants receive feedback during the day using the coaches eye app on ipad and also an uploaded voiceover after the day which is accessed vai youtube (unlisted). Exemplar  students running is also shared to provide participants with the necessary support for their own learning.

Lunch is provided by the Yoga kitchen and is vegetarian

Mark and I run these yoga and running days in Glasgow but can also be booked for private groups, clubs and organisations for a professional development day with a difference.  Please  contact us for rates and venue details


Hi Nick and Mark Thank you for a great day yesterday. Really enlightening, truly inspiring and fun at the same time. 




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