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'A work in not a work out'

 Having worked with runners at all levels(2000+ at last count) from Olympic qualification to broken and distraught for 12 years , designed and supported the development of  yoga and running retreats for 7 years, I feel I am now able to offer the level of workshop for runners in the North East and Scotland  that I feel runners need. As one runner said 'you are helping us bulletproof our body against injury'

picture of champs

  'Hi Nick
   I am hoping my running style has improved a little since I did my first session with you a few years ago.  I thought id share these pics of me recently running in Ibiza & winning the European Sprint Duathlon Championship age group 60-64 (5k run 20 k bike 2.5k run)'



 I have additionally spent 10 years working with Kridaka Yoga in Scotland (Mark Russell) who has worked with the very best yoga teachers (Gary Carter, A G Mohan, Pete Blackenby, Leslie Kaminoff to name but a few) blending and integrating the different types of yoga styles such as Ashtanga, Iyengar, Scaravelli etc to form a practice around the individual not the asana. The running element of my teaching practice combines aspects of good running form and also additional specific drills that focus on balance, agility and mobility to help the runner move better. All workshops are supported with video feedback and further notes/video support.If you are interested in signing up to the workshops/classes please sign up to the newsletter below, you can also join the private FB group for clients, link is

  "Nick is an outstanding teacher, very supportive and incredibly knowledgeable"

 "Hi I just wanted to say a massive thank you . Using the techniques has made a massive difference to my running, not just reduced pain levels but has renewed my enthusiasm............. I will be looking out for further courses and I'm spreading the word. Perhaps all hope of racing again is not lost....."

"I feel I have come such a long way since my first session with  you early last year. I was trying out new things to give meaning to my life as my work was reducing. I had joined the running club and was starting to make friends, but without the good teaching I've had I've no doubt that running would be one of those things that I beat myself up on over not getting out there. I know from last experience it's so easy to let it all slide."

"Thanks to you  for a fantastic day. A real step forwards. It may only have been a few steps but it was definitely running. And NO PAIN. Amazing what you chaps achieve in instilling confidence. Surpassed my wildest expectations."