Yoga teaching and CPD

Yoga for Men 

A drop in session 1/week where we focus on improving mens mobility in key areas; namely shoulders, hips and lower backs. Breath work and some meditation runs through the session. No prior yoga experience needed. BOOK HERE

Yoga teaching(yoga for teenagers) and CPD for organisations

I have designed a Mindful movement for teenagers course for PE teachers that enable PE teachers easy access to some form of movement training for teenagers (14 years and older) that focuses on the mind, body connection. The most recent workshop went well! The materials are easy to follow and confidence inspiring.

Hi Nick,
I just wanted to thank you so much for taking the time to do the course with us and spending the time doing those invaluable handouts as that will make it easier to practise. I will certainly be practising everything you have taught us over the summer (and beyond) before doing it with students but you have given me the confidence to do this and to learn about the importance of body, breath and mind and meditation in particular. It was great to meet you and I loved your practical delivery!

 I have recently begun working with schools teaching yoga for teenagers. The most recent feedback from the Headteacher has been excellent and has been a great joy to use my 30 years of working with Young adults to further use. If you are interested in a block of Yoga sessions for a cohort of students then please contact me to discuss as each school/area and curriculum structure (resources and space) are always different.

As headteacher of the school that Nick is working in I can only thank him publicly here for what he is doing for these young people. Their lives are filled with pre-GCSE stress alongside the angst that is teenage life further pressured by social media. This mindfulness work that Nick is doing with them is going down brilliantly with them and the teachers who have been in to watch. We are sold on Nick and Soulinmotion!

Having worked as a teacher(to Senior level) in schools for 30 years, I get the pressures and stresses on complex organisations with a myriad of agenda's to be answered. I worked at all levels of the profession and it continues to be a very rewarding job, I now work for the Open University. My own yoga practise has evolved over 20 years and culminated in qualifying as a  yoga teacher in 2018 ( ). If  I could summarise the benefits of yoga practice on me it would be the ability to control the runaway mind, a greater focus on breath, physical and mental balance. Increased agility and mobility, note not flexibility. A more open attitude and willingness to adapt. Yoga is a huge subject but my view is it needs to be kept simple and something you can do immediately from any workshop or session. 'Brush your teeth, do your yoga'.

Yoga CPD for organisations is designed to introduce staff to the benefits of yoga practice in it's widest sense. The physical practice helps us become more aware of who we are whilst the breathing and meditation remind us of being present moment by moment. This is a hugely beneficial approach in the busy environment of any organisation. There is no ideal body shape for yoga, you think there was when you check out yoga on Instagram. My philosophy and my teachers' philosophy is that 'the yoga should fit the person, not the person should fit the yoga', it needs to be adaptable, staff should feel a sense of ownership and not a desire to stress and strain. 

I just wanted to thank you again for the Mindfulness Course that you led this Summer. I feel like it has had such a huge impact on my way of thinking and even my life! I have continued to do Beach Yoga (even though it has stopped now for the Winter) but more importantly I have been practising well being and meditation which has really helped me.


I have been slowly introducing it into the curriculum and have had a great response so far on the whole and will continue to do so in the future!

A typical session(between 1h 30 mins and 2h) would follow:-

  • introduction to breathing and movement
  • a range of gentle asana (movement) practices that staff can practice to increase mobility and move your body out of stress and tension
  • Pranayama (focus on breath, breathing and the control and direction of the bodies energy) followed by relaxation (Savasana)

Ideally, I would work with the staff on a regular basis but it may be that the session is enough to guide staff to seek yoga teachers out in their local area. If you are local to the NE of England my yoga teaching practice is centred at the Yoga Station Whitley Bay, I am also one of the Directors of the yoga studio, it is a charitable organisation designed to support the local community and has been a real positive force in the local area. 

I also have regular teaching practice at the Yoga Station, Whitley Bay with classes on Tuesday evening (6.30 pm to 7.45pm), Wednesday 5-6pm and also Sunday classes from 10.15 to 11.15am.

If you are interested then please contact me via 07941703767  or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.